Morihei Ueshiba developed Aikido to stress the moral and spiritual aspects of the martial arts, especially nonviolence, harmony, and peace. Aikido is practiced with a partner and has few offensive techniques. Instead, we place emphasis on dynamic movement, balance, and self control. At DMD we show the lethal application of every technique, but we PRACTICE the compassionate version.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi forms were developed over hundreds of years as a meditative way to address health, calmness, and self defense. It’s practiced all over the world for its physical and mental benefits. The forms provide a perfect platform to study human movement, meditation, and personal enrichment. Unlike Aikido and other martial arts the forms do not require a partner so they can be practiced anywhere.


Our seminars are available anyplace you would like to have one.  We require a minimum of four paid attendees to be paid in advance. Seminars prices depend on the subject, how long, number of participants, and travel distance. We supply all needed accoutrements. You supply the students and the space.

skull canes


We’ve been using weapons ever since our earliest ancestors were running around in a loincloth and, in a moment of inspiration, grabbed a tree branch to hit some dude over the head. Almost every country’s indigenous martial art includes some kind of stick work. If it works for all of them it’s probably going to work for you, too. The cane is a qualified appliance under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This makes it the perfect weapon to be carried anytime, anyplace in our society. Furthermore, weapons training makes a great complement to any practice.